Voice of ORMA

July 4, 2000
A Monthly Publication No 1

President's Message

Dear Friends:

To bring our community together and make ORMA stronger, this committee strongly believes that there should be more cooperation and involvement from the members. To that effect we present to you this monthly news letter which will function as a platform for communication between the members and which we hope will lead to more cooperation and eventually lead to a stronger and healthier organization.

It is the intention of this committee to involve our youth members more in our activities. They are the future of ORMA. And one of the most important reason ORMA exists is to pass on our cultural heritage to our next generation, which otherwise would dissolve into their hectic and hedonistic life style. We were successful in our last picnic where for the first time we gave our youth members a free hand in organizing the function and they did an excellent job. We do appreciate the work done by Mr. Rajan Varghese in liason with our Youth Representatives Sherin Davis and Donna Manchery. To further our cause, we strongly recommend that the parents should encourage their children to take part in the various activities. Our next function will be Onam and we hope that more of our younger folks will come forward and take part. Please feel free to contact any of us for any help or questions. In this publication we will also have a youth corner where they will be free to express their opinions.

We would like to also request that each one of you who are not life members to become one or renew your memberships. We would like to provide all our major functions free of charge to our members but low membership subscriptions will force us to charge our members.

Now that ORMA members have a medium to express their opinions and suggestions, please feel free to do it so that we as office bearers can better serve you.

Keep in touch.

Jayan Nair

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